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Intuitive Energy Coach -

time to let your light shine

How would you feel if...

you could let go of your past, truly embrace your present and set achievable goals for the future?

Through coaching, talking, massage, Reiki, hands on techniques, tarot and other healing modalities, that is exactly what I offer.


My treatments are individually tailored to the needs of each of you, making sure you receive the approach that works best for you each time.  I can work hands on or via Zoom, facetime or over the phone. 

I offer a unique and personalised experience catering for your individual needs.  Whether that is face to face or online.  While we tap into and listen to your body, we will take a journey that allows you to gain insights into your barriers, blocks or pain, whether that is on physical, mental or emotional levels.  With these insights you can embrace your life at present and work towards setting your goals for the future, Use this time as an investment in your health and your personal development.  

When you are ready to make that commitment to invest in yourself, give me a call.  Alternatively, download my workbook, as a little taster to get you started.  This is a small sample of the exercises and activities I may take you through in order to accomplish your goal.  It's your life, your journey, your choice... but I'll be there to support you.

Call and chat to me or alternatively you can submit your details below to get the free copy of my workbook.

Enjoy this workbook and speak to you soon

Heal your mind, feel your body, step into your future flow...

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